Often asked: How To Make A Ceramic Sphere With Cut Outs?

How do you make a perfect sphere out of polymer clay?

How to Make a Sphere Out of Clay

  1. Hold the lump of clay in your hand.
  2. Lay the lump of clay down on the table in front of you.
  3. Pick up the lump of clay again.
  4. Lay the clay back down on the table and once again lay your hand on top of the sphere.
  5. Pick up the sphere and smooth any cracks or edges with your thumbs.

How do you make a hollow sphere with Worldedit?

Use /hsphere to make a hollow sphere. Use /sphere to make a filled sphere.

What is hollow sphere?

A hollow sphere is a ball that has been hollowed such the an equal thickness wall creates anopther internal ball within the external ball.

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