Often asked: Is It Safe To Burn Without Ceramic Blanket?

Why is there insulation in my wood stove?

Insulating a wood stove liner also helps to vent cleanly. This will cut down on condensation occurring inside the chimney. This is very important because creosote is so flammable that the CSIA has named it as a leading cause of chimney fires!

What are wood stove baffle boards made of?

The baffle is a heavy duty component located at the top of the firebox inside a wood burning stove, typically made from metal to cope with high temperatures.

Can you paint ceramic fiber board?

The coats of high temp paint will help it last longer and if you want to, take the plates out every couple of years and clean and repaint them. One of the ideas behind using the ceramic fiberboard, I believe, is because it insulates better than steel or cast.

Where are Quadra fire stoves made?

Dynamic growth and increased market share follows. 2000: Quadra-Fire reinvests in its home town of Colville, Washington (pop. 5000), opening a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in a community that takes pride in building stoves known for quality around the world.

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What does a ceramic blanket do in a wood stove?

This blanket rests on top of the baffle and insulates the firebox providing an effcient environment for combustion. This must be installed for the proper operation of the stove.

What is fireproof insulation?

Fireproof insulation materials greatly increase your ability to escape a fire. Fireproof insulation materials come in five primary forms. These include chopped fibers, foam, fibrous mats and textiles, board or block insulation, films and foils.

Can you use a wood burner without a baffle plate?

Operating a woodburner without a baffle is unlikely to cause any immediate risk of injury. What it does risk is causing irreparable damage to your stove. So, while operating a stove without a baffle plate doesn’t pose a big safety risk, it is likely to cost you money one way or another.

What is the purpose of a wood stove baffle?

The simplest way to describe a baffle plate, which is placed at the top of the fire chamber, is a deflector shield which reflects heat back into the combustion chamber. This ensures that as much heat as possible is retained in the stove and emitted into the room in a controlled manner.

Do wood stoves need a grate?

Wood burning stoves are typically designed to be used without the need for a grate. A grate would lift the main bulk of the fire up from the base of the firebox and likely reduce the amount of space available for firewood, which may reduce heat output.

What is ceramic fiber paper?

Ceramic Fiber paper consists primarily of high purity alumnio-silicate fiber and is manufactured through a fiber washing process. This process produces a non-woven matrix blend of the fibers, binders, and additives to form randomly oriented fibers that are flexible, uniform, and lightweight.

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Who makes Quadrafire stoves?

Quadra-FireĀ® is a member of the Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) family of brands. HHT is the world’s leading developer, producer and installer of hearth products.

Where are Drolet wood stoves made?

Designed and manufactured in Canada, Drolet appliances are synonymous with strength, reliability, performance and security.

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