Where Can I Buy Cheap Ceramic Plant Pots And Planters?

How do I get cheap plant pots?

The bottom line is: just ask around at local stores. Many stores have large containers they don’t use, and many will be more than happy to let you take them for free. It’s a good alternative to commercial pots. They are cheap and they provide great containers for your plants.

Are ceramic pots bad for plants?

Air movement stimulates root growth, which results in healthier plants. But the clay also wicks moisture out of the soil, making ceramic pots a better choice if you tend to overwater or for plants that prefer dry soils. This also means plants in ceramic pots require more water than plants in plastic pots.

Where is the best place to buy indoor planters?

15 of Our Favorite Places to Buy Planters

  1. Jungalow. It’s no surprise that we’re obsessed with Jungalow’s selection of home decor and accessories, and their planters are no different.
  2. Etsy.
  3. Favor.
  4. West Elm.
  5. Goodee.
  6. ePlanters.
  7. AllModern.
  8. Tal & Bert.
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How do you make plant pots?

Make a plant pot from empty steel and tin cans

  1. Wash and drain the can well.
  2. Remove the labels of the cans using hot water and dish soap.
  3. Use a hammer and nail to add drainage holes in the bottom.
  4. If painting the can, do this now.
  5. Once the can is dry, add a layer of small stones/gravel at the bottom for drainage.

Do ceramic pots hold moisture?

Plastic and glazed ceramic pots are excellent for tropical plants, which typically like their soil to stay moist. These pots hold in moisture, which allows you to go longer in between waterings.

What kind of pots are best for plants?

Ceramic and plastic are the two best options, and both have their pros and cons. Ceramic pots are porous which means your plants are less likely to experience root rot from overwatering. It also means you’ll have to water more often. Plastic pots are lighter, less likely to break, and easier to clean.

Do ceramic pots need drainage holes?

Plant your plant in a porous pot with a good drainage hole, like the classic terracotta pot, and then place that pot within the larger decorative, no-drainage-hole pot. When it comes time to water, if the plant is small enough, you can take it out of its decorative pot and take advantage of the drainage hole.

Why are ceramic pots so expensive?

Despite the lower quality clay, this classically shaped pot costs more than EOD pottery. These pots are made from inferior clay and you will find that they start to break down almost immediately. Investing in high quality clay means long term benefits.

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What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?


  1. Plastic Bottles. Recycle your plastic bottles by using them at the bottom of your big containers.
  2. Packing Peanuts. Reuse your Styrofoam packing peanuts as filler for large pots.
  3. Wood Chips. Don’t have enough of the previous two ingredients?
  4. Landscape Rocks.

What can you do with indoor planters?

Here are some indoor planter ideas that may help. 11 Innovative & Fun Indoor Planter Ideas

  1. Portable Rolling Bin Container.
  2. Decorative Box Planter.
  3. File Cabinet Garden.
  4. Terrarium Planter.
  5. Sack Garden.
  6. Succulent Star.
  7. Living Table.

What can you do with old planter pots?

9 Ways to Repurpose Planters and Pots When Plant Parenting Doesn’t Go as Planned

  1. Store more in the bathroom.
  2. Make a backyard bird bath.
  3. Create a plant stand.
  4. Use it as an indoor (or outdoor) focal point.
  5. Storing entertaining and cooking essentials.
  6. Problem solve in an entryway.
  7. Hide your hose and gardening gear.
  8. Make a candle.

Can you paint ceramic pots?

Paint Unglazed Ceramic Pots. Purchase unglazed ceramic pots at a craft store. These stores also carry a variety of paints, water sealers, finish glosses and brushes that are suitable for painting unglazed pots. Choose a work area that is well-ventilated.

What can be turned into a planter?

Head to your favorite DIY store and save with a Michaels coupon or Home Depot coupons!

  • Toy trucks. When your kid gets too old to play with toy trucks, it’s time to turn that Tonka into a planter.
  • Shoe racks.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Apothecary jars.
  • Rain boot.
  • Tea tins.
  • Colander.
  • LegosĀ®

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