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It is clear that the ceramic cookware is designed in a manner that is resistant to extreme temperatures, right. Besides, the presence of the non-stick coating makes it for food to be exposed to burning.

However, sometimes the temperature may exceed and result to damage of this cookware. That has once happened to me when I had left some cooking onions for a short while; upon returning, I found that they have been totally burned to display a blackened color.

The worst thing is that the surface too was damaged and thus the need to clean it up. Then how to clean ceramic cookware? Would you like to know? So, get it now!

How to Clean Ceramic CookwareApparently, you will discover that food particles that are left stuck in the pan do not portray a good picture, isn’t it? Thus, in order to ensure that your ceramic cookware remains efficient and nonstick.

Failure to do so will always aggravate the issue and make your cookware unhygienic to use. Another thing to note?

It is not advisable to scrub the surface of the ceramic cookware since it will quickly ruin it. Rather, there is an amazing process I’ll show you that will help you immensely.

Whom is Ceramic Cookware Designed for?

This great product is meant for a wide range of individuals. By understanding how to clean ceramic cookware, it would be easy to maintain it in the best way possible. Such groups of people include:

  • Home cooks- This includes anyone who uses ceramic cookware at home for cooking, storage and serving.
  • Professional chefs- This involves a group of experts who perform cooking in different restaurants, hotels and food outlets.
  • Novice learners- Want to try new cooking using ceramic cookware? It is the best for you!

Process of How to Clean Ceramic Cookware

Apparently, you don’t need to soak your cookware for hours or use an abrasive scrub to remove the burned food particles.

That can consume your time, and excess scrubbing can cause harm on your ceramic cookware. Besides, you will come to understand that abrasive scrub can lower the efficiency of such a cookware.

Before I introduce to you the steps necessary how to clean ceramic cookware, there is a great tip that you need to understand; it is wise to apply the use of hands when cleaning.


Hands will have actually less effect on the cookware thus implying that it may last quite longer while still efficient. Below is a series of steps that you can apply when cleaning ceramic cookware and get the best results. Read through them keenly:

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

Apparently, you will discover that the instructions issued by the manufacturer should be taken with utter considerations. Why?

In most cases, you will come to understand (how to clean ceramic cookware) that they tend to outline the procedures that you can undertake when it comes to cleaning the cookware.

Since the current ceramic cookware tends to be non-porous, this implies that you will find them pretty simple to clean. Besides, the manual will indicate what to use when cleaning to avoid any arising problem.

Pour Water on Cookware

This is the initial step that you can take when you want to eliminate the burned food particles in the ceramic cookware. Ensure that the entire area that contains such particles is fully covered. Water is known to assist in letting loose the attached food particles thus making them easy to remove.

Note: if the pan is still hot, do not drop it in cold water. This is because drastic temperature change can impose damage on the nonstick coating thus reducing its effectiveness.

Boil the Water

Once you have placed water in such damaged ceramic cookware, you can put the water on a heat source and allow the water to boil.

You can opt to apply a medium or low heat to ensure that efficient heat is achieved. Ceramics have been known to enhance effective distribution of heat thus each affected area will be adequately heated. You will note that this may take you a couple of minutes depending on the extent of the damage.

Add Baking Soda

After the water has boiled, the next thing you can do is to add a few tablespoonful of baking soda. What is the purpose of baking soda? You will note that it is meant to soften the water thus making it quite easy to get rid of the food particles.

Since the water could be draining due to boiling, you can opt to add more in the process from how to clean ceramic cookware. This should be followed by adding more baking soda.

Allow Simmering

At first, you need to stir the boiling water after adding baking soda. This is meant to increase the rate at which the food particles can easily detach themselves from the cookware’s surface.

You can then leave the cookware to the simmer. You can adjust the heat temperature settings to either medium or low to allow the simmering process to happen efficiently.

This is meant to last for a few minutes to ensure that the particles have softened thus making it easy to clean.

Clear Attached Food Particles

You will come to realize and will get an answer to your question (how to clean ceramic cookware) that when removing such food particles, it is crucial to consider the item used. In most cases, the recommended spoon should either be made of plastic, nylon, silicon or wooden material.

Thus when clearing the content, it is advisable to use preferably wooden spoon to gently remove them.

Note: Do not use metal spoons. Reason? They are known to have sharp edges which may be rough and thus leaving marks on your ceramic cookware!

Scrub Gently If Necessary

At this point, you can use a scrub made from sponge or plastic to scrub the cookware gently. In order to entirely remove such particles, you can do it in the circular motion.

Ensure that this process does not cause any damage to the surface of the cookware. You are bound to take a couple of minutes till the entire stain is removed. You can then get rid of the rid of all the remaining particles that had not been cleared earlier.

Cleaning Inside Part of Cookware

How to clean ceramic cookware!

This process is done once the ceramic cookware has cooled down. You can proceed to rinse the surface gently. The next thing is for to wash the surface. Actually, a warm soapy water can work perfectly for that task as you hand wash the ceramic cookware.

Once it is clean, wipe it using a dry paper towel. This will make it sparkling clean once more. It should now be ready to be utilized for the next meal!

External Cleaning

It is important to note that when it comes to cleaning, the outside part should also be given attention. This is because some residues and grease may build up if not checked.

You will note that what will result is the discoloration of the entire outside surface. This may not give the ceramic cookware a sparkling appearance as expected. By using a perfect soft cloth, you can clean it up well and dry it up using a paper towel.

Proper Storage

Once you have cleaned your cookware, it is advisable to store it in a place away from any contamination.

Ceramic cookware should also be stored away from other ceramic pans as this may expose them to damage. Besides, other kinds of cookware should not be stack in between the ceramic cookware.


This is meant to ensure that the finishing is not scratched, a situation that may affect the nonstick coating and expose it to burning. Take caution on that!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is clear that what matters most is how to clean ceramic cookware. Despite the fact that they exhibit high material construction, they may be exposed to burn which may affect their performance if not properly corrected.

Thus it is ideal to follow the required steps simply in order always to keep your cookware clean and safe. Proper cleaning of ceramic cookware will always give you a peace of mind each time you are using it. Besides, it can save you on the cost of purchasing a new one soon.

Why not take this chance to prevent any damage on your ceramic cookware? It is only through proper storage and taking heed on how to always make it clean!

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